Is a Christian Community Based Nonprofit Organization that works with the vulnerable, children with special needs and their families to help them exploit their potential and alleviate poverty.

SeedPower Foundation was founded and established by Peter and Beldon in the year 2019. It is a learning center that provides a tution-free Christian education for the vulnerable, children with special needs and those that are at risk in the Western part of Kenya.   
Peter and Beldon Left their country Kenya in the year 2012 to go and work in Rwanda with the vulnerable  and children with special needs. This also involved other community outreach activities in the communities where they worked. They encountered different challenges and humbling experiences in their work stations that equipped them with skills that would help them in their future career. They had a dream in 2015 to start a center that would serve in the same way so that they can also give back to their country Kenya. This dream was put into action in 2019. SeedPower now serves 218 vulnerable, children with special needs and those that are at risk in the Western Part of Kenya

Our Aim

SeedPower Foundation’s vision is to educate, equip, empower and advocate for children with special needs, those that are at risk and their families  to maximize their potential as we serve and glorify God in our community and beyond. We empower children, the youth and the women in the community through different programs in this ministry.
When you have a SEED and you nurture it, a tree will grow. At SeedPower, we have the same approach to  education. Our main purpose is to educate the individual child. A child’s education does not only impact themselves, but it  can help their whole family. We view education as the best  investment we can make as education itself is sustainable..



School and Community Water Project


SeedPower Education Center
Oyugis Campus

Nyakach Campus

SeedPower Education Center
The Grinnell Family Campus

Each and every child has a potential of becoming who he was created to be with a special purpose in life