Success Stories

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SeedPower Jan 2019


SeedPower March 2023

In the last four years, SeedPower has grown from 12 students in the first month of 2019 to 268 in January, 2023. The following are some of our success stories:

  • SeedPower Education Center serves a total of 268 students; 188 pupils with special needs and at risk in Oyugis Campus and 80 in Nyakach(Grinnell Family)campus. These children get quality education from SeedPower  that fits their individual needs. 
  • SeedPower community and school water project in Oyugis, Kenya serves 188 pupils and over 360 community members.
  • SeedPower Community and School Water project in Nyakach, Kenya serves 80 pupils and 290 families in the community.
  • Doing eye tests with students and other community members and providing them with eye glasses for reading. 100 people were impacted by this initiative.
  • SeedPower Foundation, in partnership with Little Light House- USA, has conducted several teacher development training conferences on working with children with special needs. A total of 1738 Special Need and ECDE  Teachers , Social workers, Parents of Special Need children, Community Leaders and Community Based Organizations, selected  across the 47 counties in Kenya, have been reached through  this program. This also extended to Rwanda in 2023 whereby more than 500 teachers were trained.
  • Relief food program to the disadvantaged families in Oyugis and Nyakach reaching out to 1,800 families during and after the COVID period.
  • Held a Teacher Professional Development Training in Kigali-Rwanda and Lira-Uganda on working with children with special needs, 142 teachers reached.
  • Reached out to 1,200  teenage girls with sanitary and hygiene supplies both in schools and the community.
  • Community outreach, campaigning and advocating for the rights of children with special needs and the adults living with disability.
  • Successfully hosted mission groups visiting from USA and other countries who helped in voluntary school construction work, music, art activities, sport activities with students  and also helped in community outreach programs.
  • Seminar on leadership with the community church leaders and  Pastors. 59 people were trained in July 2022.
  • Provision of lunch and snacks to 268 students in Oyugis and Nyakach campuses.
  • Introducing Sustainable Food Systems Program that will serve SeedPower Schools and the Community.

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