Be a blessing in the lives of others difference by going on a mission trip to SeedPower.

You can visit as a group or as an individual for a week up to a month.

A mission trip will help you widen your worldview and teach you about other people’s cultures.

Visiting SeedPower will enable you to witness what life is like at the organization and experience a good taste of what God is doing here.

Water Bottling Project

We are raising funds to set up a water bottling company. This will help the organization to generate income to help pay the teachers and cater for monthly operational funds. 
This project will cost $66,205.

Once it is established, the profits would be devoted to the priority of teacher’s salaries. 

We have a matching fund of $25,000 already set for this project.

Teachers Salaries

We Are Raising Funds To Help Pay Our Teachers And Assistant Teachers In The Two Campuses Of SeedPower Education Center
11 Teachers Salaries  $3,300 Per Month
8 Teacher Assistants  $1,600 Per Month

Classroom Floors

There are 3 classroom floors that are not yet completed due to inadequate funds. this is a one time cost:  Floors for Classrooms  $4,350

Our Projects

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Charity Dinner

Volunteer meeting

School craft festival

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