SeedPower Foundation

Together We Can Make A Difference


 Helping Children Explore their potential to Eradicate Poverty and glorify god in their communities and beyond

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”There is Power In Every Seed”. As such, every human created by God the Almighty is a viable seed that has got power in it, as a talent that is God given that can be exploited to change the World. ”We got to be fruitful and Multiply, in order to subdue the Earth and take control of it”  (Genesis 1:28)
There is Power in the Word, Action and Behaviour which is the Seed that we plant that will be fruitful and change our communities and the World we live in.


Our vision is to educate, equip, empower and advocate for children with special needs, those that are at risk and their families to maximize their potential as we serve and glorify God in our community and beyond.


To enable, equip and empower students with special needs and children at risk to develop to their maximum potential in their school, families and the community.

To nurture all children with and without special needs in safe, inclusive and supportive environments through education, therapeutic intervention and community acceptance.

Our Story

SeedPower Foundation was founded  and established by Peter and Beldon. Peter and Beldon Left their country Kenya in the year 2012 to go and work in Rwanda with the vulnerable children and children with special needs. This also involved other community outreach in the communities where they worked. They encountered different challenges and humbling experiences in their work stations that equipped them with skills that would help them in their future career. They had a dream in 2015 to start a center that would serve in the same way so that they can also give back to their country Kenya.
Their dream came to fulfillment when they met Little Light House leadership and team in the year 2016. SeedPower was later born through the training, motivation and encouragement they got from an  International Internship with the Little Light House. Their relationship has been fruitful in community impact and change through SeedPower Foundation Kenya.