SeedPower Women's Empowerment

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So many women of our communities are left to care and provide for their children alone. It’s not unusual for a mother to not have access to basic birth control or education and resources to keep them healthy. She often has several children with little to no ability to care for them financially on her own.  It’s our goal at SeedPower to teach women skills that can be used to provide for herself and her children and add to the stability in their household. Since the launch of our program, we have already begun teaching sewing skills, basket making, as well as other entrepreneurial endeavors to nearly 100 women.



One of the greatest advantages of having our women come together is generating a support system within. We have had an elderly woman who was in need of a house and the women of our group worked together with the help of a handful of men to build one from the ground up.  

Together we are so much stronger!!

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